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Scalp Micropigmentation has emerged as the ideal solution for hair loss for both men and women.  While many other hair loss remedies have been developed, not all clients respond well to the treatments.

Scalp Micropigmentation for women has elevated the art of tattoo with this revolutionary treatment that is long lasting, non-invasive, nonsurgical, and cost effective.  It is referred to as micropigmentation because the artist works precisely and meticulously to create the illusion of a shaved head or a very close-cropped hair cut, eliminating the appearance of hairless scalp skin.

For men, the shaven or buzz-cut look has become wildly popular owing to its style and the freedom it offers.  For women, the same look is rising in popularity.

Female Hairline Tattoo & Scalp Micropigmentation, known as SMP, can be done on a full scalp or on more localized areas.  It can build the appearance of density for thinning hair, or literally exchange a bald head with the look of a shaved one.

This treatment delivers what it promises, so clients can place their faith in a result that addresses their hair loss concerns.  All treatment plans are designed individually based on needs, goals, and expectations.

SMP for Women

Full hair loss for women is less common than for men, though it can occasionally occur.  More often women may go through a stretch of hair loss due to stress, nutritional deficiency, or a hormonal event such as childbirth or menopause.  With that being said, many women notice hairline recession, starting at the temples, at about middle age.  If she likes to put her hair up, the scalp skin can be visible.  Many of our lady clients find thinning hair distressing as hair is an integral component of a beauty regimen.  SMP for women is done just as it is for men, but with slightly more density to detract from the appearance of the scalp, enabling our lady clients to continue styling their hair as they elect, not as their recession dictates.

As treatments are usually confined to localized areas, fewer treatments are required, and sessions are shorter.  Our artists anticipate things like greying hair over time and ensure correct color choices.

Even if hair regrows at some point in the future, scalp micropigmentation poses no risk whatsoever, due to our insistence on only the finest quality pigments and equipment.  Sessions are comfortable and clients are assured confidentiality and care in our relaxed environment.

However, if you are a woman with larger scale hair loss, SMP is one of the very few options women have due to the unpredictability of hair loss in women.  The look of a very close-cropped hair cut is growing in popularity among women, with many supermodels and celebrities making it a fashion statement.  In such a case, your artist designs a hairline that amplifies your beautiful features and complements your bone structure and facial contours.  SMP offers freedom from wigs or weaves and permits a robust busy lifestyle free from self consciousness over your hair.

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