SMP for Scarring

When scars occur on the head, the scarring is often quite noticeable since hair is generally unable to grow through the scar matrix.  Many of our SMP clients troubled by scarring have undergone unsuccessful hair transplantation surgeries, have had cranial surgeries, or have suffered injuries.

One of the best features of SMP for Head Scarring is its ability to complete disguise scalp scarring.  Where at one-point scars are whitish and very distinct, the careful application of SMP eliminates the appearance entirely, leaving only the look of hyper realistic hair follicles.

The act of the treatment itself has the dual benefit of also softening the scar tissue.  When combined with scalp micropigmentation on larger areas of the scalp or the full scalp, the scars are rendered completely invisible amid the rest of the treatment, with all SMP follicles seamlessly blending in.

This, alone, has been a life changing experience for many of our clients who have been distressed by scarring, particularly hair transplant scarring.  The versatility and multiple applications of SMP for scarring are what is behind its popularity.  There is no maybe, or might’s about it.  It works and looks outstanding.

Only trust highly trained and skilled artists to do your SMP, particularly where scarring is involved.  The skin is vastly different when scarred and in order to get the seamlessness we aim for the treatment approach requires advanced expertise.

How can SMP help you?

Scalp Micropigmentation has emerged as the ideal solution for hair loss for both men and women.  While many other hair loss remedies have been developed, not all clients respond well to the treatments.  Scalp Micropigmentation has elevated the art of tattoo with this revolutionary treatment that is long lasting, non-invasive, nonsurgical, and cost effective.   It is referred to as micropigmentation because the artist works precisely and meticulously to create the illusion of a shaved head or a very close-cropped hair cut, eliminating the appearance of hairless scalp skin.

close up of the back of someones head showing scarring and the results of SMP procedure from thINK aHEAD

For men, the shaven or buzz-cut look has become wildly popular owing to its style and the freedom it offers. For women, the same look is rising in popularity.  Scalp Micropigmention, known as SMP, can be done on a full scalp or on more localized areas.  It can build the appearance of density for thinning hair, or literally exchange a bald head with the look of a shaved one.   This treatment delivers what it promises, so clients can place their faith in a result that addresses their hair loss concerns.  All treatment plans are designed individually based on needs, goals, and expectations.

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