SMP for Men

For centuries men have struggled with hair loss, and they represent the majority of our customers.  Many have attempted other solutions without success. 

Whether you are a man with full scalp hair loss, a receding hairline, thinness at the crown or are losing your hair in patches, a micropigmentation hair loss tattoo eliminates the appearance of the scalp and blends in seamlessly with existing hair.

Our artists work methodically to create the illusion of hair follicles all over the scalp or on localized areas.  The hair on the scalp is unlike any other on the body in that each follicle can produce up to 3 hairs.  To that end, every single follicle is carefully executed to look exactly as it should.  There is nothing random in any individual follicle. 

Using a variety of hues, the treatment is developed over 2 to 5 sessions, based on the treatment plan.  Sessions can last several hours, and clients are kept comfortable in a private, relaxing setting.  When the full micropigmentation hair loss tattoo treatment course is complete, clients will enjoy many years’ longevity and will soon forget the days of daily maintenance and fuss. 

There is no other treatment that rivals SMP.  It restores confidence and freedom to busy clients.  The resulting look is fashionable and designed to complement facial features and bone structure.

headshot of man looking face on to the camera close up showing the markings of where the SMP will take place

How can SMP help you?

Scalp Micropigmentation has emerged as the ideal solution for hair loss for both men and women.  While many other hair loss remedies have been developed, not all clients respond well to the treatments.  Scalp Micropigmentation has elevated the art of tattoo with this revolutionary treatment that is long lasting, non-invasive, nonsurgical, and cost effective. It is referred to as micropigmentation because the artist works precisely and meticulously to create the illusion of a shaved head or a very close-cropped hair cut, eliminating the appearance of hairless scalp skin.

For men, the shaven or buzz-cut look has become wildly popular owing to its style and the freedom it offers. For women, the same look is rising in popularity.  Scalp Micropigmentation, known as SMP, can be done on a full scalp or on more localized areas.  It can build the appearance of density for thinning hair, or literally exchange a bald head with the look of a shaved one.   This treatment delivers what it promises, so clients can place their faith in a result that addresses their hair loss concerns.  All treatment plans are designed individually based on needs, goals, and expectations.

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